Clearing out my bookmarks folder of all things from the past year’s research and activism and this is what I found in the closet:

Free the Tampons campaign website

This article from The Independent

This interview with South African artist Zanele Muholi about her project Isilumo siyaluma, or period pains in Zulu. 

Zine creator, activist, and educator Chella Quint on TedX and her website PeriodPositive and this site 

Duke Archives library of old feminine hygiene ads

This research paper called “From birth control to that “fresh feeling”: a historical perspective on feminine hygiene in medicine and media 

The Story of Menstruation educational vid from ’46 

A compilation of TV and film scenes that include periods in some way

Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health, of course  

Tampaction campaign site 

Period: the end of menstruation doc website

Ani DeFranco “Blood in the Boardroom”

This article called “Selling Shame: subversive advertising of menstrual products” 

AdAge entry about feminine hygiene products

Historical overview of menstrual products  

Menstruation in advertising 

NY Times article ” A Campaign that Erases a Layer of Euphemisms” 

Menstrual Hygiene Day website 

NY Times article “Rebelling Against the Commonly Evasive Feminine Care Ad” 

Menstruation Barbie 

Moma’s Design and Violence Designing Empathy session featuring Sputniko!’s Menstruation Machine 

Jezebel article about recent Kotex campaign that featured a red dot (whoa.) 

Vice’s coverage of the Tampon Tax March in London 

Menstrual Moments tumblr (the blog of someone I met at the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conference this past June!) 

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