how sanitary pads are made animation video

here is the animation i made for art class this past spring. i used feminine hygiene ads from as early as the 20s and contemporary ads. i also used imagery from visual research i did on the women’s public restroom in my school. for the soundtrack i sampled from Disney’s 1946 educational vid with Kotex, “The Story of Menstruation”, a How It’s Made vid on “How Sanitary Pads Are Made”, as well as some factory foley i got for free online. the assignment was to make a kinestasis (ken burns effect) but i decided to push that a bit further and actually animate small parts of the image as well, rather than just panning out across images. i was hoping to capture how leaky bodies are codified, commodified, and mass produced.
i won 2nd place for this piece in Goucher College’s Student Art Showcase for 2015, which gave my savings account $200!

How Sanitary Pads Are Made from Emilie Pichot on Vimeo.

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